Throughout his career, Ronnie Radke has fought addiction to drugs and alcohol and even done jail time. The former vocalist of Escape The Fate is now the lead vocalist for Falling In Reverse. The band played at Club Infinity earlier this month, and NeXt had an opportunity to speak with Radke.

Despite his reputation for being a conceited bad boy, Radke was open, nice and actually rather sweet. His comical attitude showed a softer side that fans normally don't get to see.

When asked how he prepares for shows, Radke smirked and said, "Uh, this!" and shook a bottle that contained a chocolate protein shake. He said the band just hangs out before shows.

"We play that game," he said pointing to a bean bag toss game that drummer, Ryan Seaman, and others were playing. "And Mika [Horiuchi] works out," he said, nodding to the bassist who had a large weight in his hand and clearly the biggest biceps in the band. "And well, we just kinda chill."

The concert itself was phenomenal. The opening bands -- My City, My Secret, Eyes Set To Kill and For All Those Sleeping -- got the crowd going and everyone excited for Falling In Reverse. When the long-awaited time came and Falling In Reverse took the stage, Radke's stage presence was full of confident edginess. The band played perfectly, despite issues with monitors, and each member had his own individual stage presence, but none surpassed Radke.

While on stage, Radke made it clear to the crowd that he has been sober. It showed.

Nov. 29, We Came As Romans is coming to Xtreme Wheels with a special guest (rumors are circulating that is might be Falling In Reverse). I recommend watching the posts on Facebook and taking the time to listen to this one-of-a-kind band.

Hannah Gordon is a junior at Immaculata Academy.