Excerpts from reader commentary on News stories and staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but comments to the blogs can be posted under pen names.

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Occupy Buffalo: In response to News staff reporter Gene Warner's article about the Occupy Buffalo protest in Niagara Square, Robert Agnello of Grand Island wrote:

The whole point, whether stated or known or not, is it is time for cultural change on a grand scale. Our democracy has been hijacked for a long time by wealth and the Citizens United decision only solidified that and will make it worse. We are being shackled to an outmoded and fast-dwindling economy based on oil that is not sustainable, and if we were wise and not just greedy we'd be working toward what we need to become next, spurring innovation and creating jobs in the process.

You can only ship so many jobs overseas. You can only milk oil and gas for so long until it runs out. You can only push people so far. But at some point there has to be change. And since the entrenched elite will not willingly give up on their failing and unsustainable ways, we must insist upon that change and bring it about. The people are the ones who always get it done. And it doesn't matter if the idea comes from someone rich or poor. That is what democracy is. That is what government by the people and for the people is. And criticism against protesters I believe comes from those who forget what real democracy looks like.

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Jerry Sullivan: Following his column, "What's in a No-Name? Beating big boys is sweet," Stephen Meli of Henderson, Nev., wrote:

Out here in the desert Southwest, there is a HUGE contingency of Bills fans, many of them transplanted Buffalonians. I kept hearing negative chatter from some who suggested that the loss to the Bengals exposed the team as over-achievers who got lucky to pull off a few upsets. My response all week has been that even the Packers are gonna lose games, AND even suggested that dropping one on the last play of the game was a GOOD thing, in that the loss could be used all week as a barometer to measure exactly what kind of character and heart a team with 10 rookies and countless free agents has.

Not only did the boys in blue step up to the plate, they did it with an exclamation point, as Sully noted, by OUTCOACHING them. Chan Gailey needs to be noted as not only a GREAT coach, but a GREAT TEACHER of young men. Winning doesn't always come because you have great players and better talent. It is a learning process

Those lost games will only serve to better the character of a young team. GREATNESS AWAITS. And it all STARTS with the MOTIVATION of a GREAT COACH AND TEACHER!!!

David Trillizio of Peoria, Ill., added:

I do not think I was the only Bills fan that was seeing this team fold again, but unlike other Bills teams of recent memory, just when we are about to lose it we come up with a turnover. It is distressing to see the number of yards we give up but taking the ball away, to some degree, cancels that out. I told my friends yesterday that if we survived the Michael Vick circus and got to 4-1 that we would make the playoffs and I am going to stand by it. Oh, and does everyone else love how the conversation thus far is all about how Philly blew it and then you hear something to the effect of "are we missing the bigger story here and the play of the Buffalo Bills?" Keep disrespecting! Bring on Eli Manning and the New York Giants.

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Buffalo Sabres: News sports reporter John Vogl, reporting from Berlin, wrote about how the Germans made the team feel at home, to which Greg Hansen of Peoria, Ill., cheered:

Having been a Sabres fan since 1973, I can tell you this is the most excited about the start of hockey season as I can remember. I've seen two sports writers pick the Sabres in the finals, which goes against the glamour picks that so many others are making. One, for, even picked the Sabres and Kings in the finals, so we may have just gotten a preview. And I love the stat that the last three Stanley Cup winners all began their championship seasons in Europe.

Let's go Buffalo!