Excerpts from reader commentary on News stories and staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but comments to the blogs can be posted under pen names.

Steve Jobs: In response to an Oct. 5 Associated Press article about the Apple guru's death, Jack Curtis of Lockport opined in tribute:

The world has lost a truly great and perhaps an "Ideal Man." Jobs was productive, visionary, purposeful, but also a completely self-interested individual, a man completely unaffected by the world around him. His work was the purpose of his life. Steve Jobs was Apple and Apple was Steve Jobs, the two being virtually indistinguishable.

My heart goes out to the current Apple CEO, Tim Cook. Where does one begin to follow such greatness? How does one follow Jobs? Trying to measure up to a person of incalculable worth such as Jobs is truly attempting the impossible. A man of Jobs' caliber graces humanity once or twice in a century.

For a relatively young nation, America has produced several people that have changed the world, people like Edison, people like Ford and now Steve Jobs, a man that personified greatness.

Philip James Jarosz of Buffalo said:

He made the computer to be a friend of man and not a threat. The term "user friendly" was coined. Today our iPhone is as necessary as that bottle of water we carry around.


Dream Team?: After News sports reporter Jay Skurski's piece on the pressure caused when Vince Young labeled his Philadelphia Eagles a "dream team" during training camp, Mike Simonsen of Hamburg responded:

How many Bills fans tabbed this game as a win in the beginning of the season? The fact I even think the Bills have a chance to win shows us what a long way the team has come this year. I want them to win, and I believe with a little bit of luck and the perfect game they can do it. But I don't expect it. People that get down on them after this game, to me, are ridiculous. Wounded or not, the Eagles are stacked.

Steve Knight of Annapolis, Md., added:

I agree with Mike Simonsen of Hamburg. Few, if any, projected the Bills to win this game when the season started. Most, myself included, figured this to be a mismatch. And that tells you all you need to know about what this hungry young team has accomplished so far. The Bills are going to be a factor each and every week. Win or lose, they're gonna fight! How can you not love that?

Philly has more talent on their roster but talent doesn't always win out. The Eagles look to be massively underachieving this year. Our Bills are clearly overachieving. This game will be close, like last week in Cinci, but I can see the Bills winning

This game will require a total team effort. I believe the Bills can do it, but even if they fall short I'm confident they'll give it their all. And that is the real difference between this team and those we've suffered with for the past decade.


School Zone: News reporter Mary Pasciak's blog about large numbers of people showing up to School Board meetings and not being able to fit into the boardroom drew this response from Randolphea:

The idea of holding board meetings in the council chambers is a GREAT idea. I have often wondered why Buffalo has such a small boardroom, compared to much smaller districts.

Surely the schedule of the chamber can be played with to accommodate everyone!

Ywapbuffalo suggested:

It sounds like the new interim superintendent is a leader who is not afraid to let her voice be heard and step up and answer questions.

So I will follow her lead and step up and ask the question: "Why is the board spending time and money for a superintendent search?"

If they can follow her lead in a simple thing like caring enough to listen to parents, it's time to let her lead as a superintendent. I know that the Buffalo Board of Education is comprised of caring and compassionate people and that's why they are there. It's time for the board to compassionately demonstrate that the parents are important and move to a room that will accommodate them.