With a little help from their friends, Bella Donna and the Donner Party celebrated the releases of their EPs last Friday with a four-hour show at Extreme Wheels on Hertel Avenue.

For those who do not know what EP stands for, Extended Play is a CD typically about six songs long and done by bands that are relatively new.

The show consisted of seven bands. Besides the headliners, performing were Come Honor, Currents, Sheltered by Skies, Don't Be a Hero and the Red October.

The evening was full of surprises for the crowd of approximately 350. Right before the show, the Currents' singer quit, so the band went on with a fill-in vocalist. Then Don't Be A Hero unexpectedly cut their set short.

Following them was the Red October, one of Buffalo's most popular bands of its genre.

With the band's lead singer dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow from "Pirates of the Caribbean," the band definitely had the most energy of the show to this point.

Playing a mix of old and new songs, much to the pleasure of the crowd, the band set the bar very high for the two bands releasing their EPs.

The Donner Party played with a lot of energy, including numerous guitar solos and fast drum beats. During its set, some tracks of electronic beats and recordings overshadowed the music on the short parts of tracks.

And when it covered Journey's "Separate Ways," it played an exact cover of the song, which is not typically the band's style.

Finally it was Bella Donna's turn to take the stage. The band came on with a good amount of energy, too, however, the crowd did not respond as well.

Maybe it was the fact that the band came out with its heaviest song and failed to keep the pace by playing mostly new songs that the crowd did not know. Or maybe its performance seemed laid back in comparison to the previous two bands.

Whatever the reason, fans should give the new CD a listen before writing this band off.

As for the Donner Party's CD, if you are into heavy music, check this one out. You'll be glad you did.

Also definitely check out the rest of the bands that performed at this show, and watch out for the Red October, who many are predicting to be the next Buffalo band to be signed.

Ed Slowinski is a senior at City Honors.