Dining out for the gluten-free eater is becoming easier.

For the gluten-free fan at First Niagara Center and Ralph Wilson Stadium, there's popcorn, peanuts, cotton candy, hot dogs or sausage (without the bun). First Niagara also offers bottled Redbridge Beer made with sorghum.

As for restaurants -- Paula Ifft-McGirr, a board member of WNY Gluten Free Diet Support Group -- offers the following suggestions:

* The Golden Duck, 1840 Maple Road, Amherst: "They can prepare almost any dish gluten-free and it is fresh and delicious and there is never an extra charge."

* Mulberry, 64 Jackson Ave., Lackawanna: "They have GF pasta & even GF meatballs. They are very careful about the GF prep. Portions are huge."

* Curly's, 647 Ridge Road, Lackawanna: "Go there for a special meal."

* Club Joey, 1532 Pine Ave., Niagara Falls: "They are only open for dinner Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but their fish fry is wonderful and GF. Ninety-five percent of their menu is GF."

* Pizza Plant, 5110 Main St., Amherst: The originator of "Wheat-Free Wednesdays."

* The King and I Restaurant, 2188 Kensington Ave., Amherst: "Very fresh food and a good knowledge of GF."

* LaTeeDa, 206 Allen St.: "They have GF pasta on hand, as well as many entrees and appetizers."

-- Jane Kwiatkowski