Excerpts from reader commentary on News stories and staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but comments to the blogs can be posted under pen names.

Report Card: Bills 34, Patriots 31: After an amazing comeback and analysis of the game, Judd Cady of New York City observed:

I glanced out my window Sunday afternoon at around 4:30 and noticed a pig flying by on its way to the moon. God bless those "no name" over-achieving Buffalo Bills. You have warmed the heart of this ex-pat Buffalonian and longtime fan.


Wilson Greatbatch: In response to the death of the great inventor of the pacemaker, chronicled in an article written by News staff reporter Jay Rey, with contributions from former News reporter Karen Brady, Jim Coffed of Depew wrote:

Mr. Greatbatch was an American original. His success was due to honest hard work and a positive, caring attitude. Everything he did had a good purpose and was NOT for self-enrichment or status or material gain. We should all aspire to be like him. He was truly a great person. He understood that the results of his hard work -- properly shared -- would benefit the larger community. He did not wait until he was an old man to distribute his wealth. He did it throughout his life by supporting public education and paying for countless employees' children's college education. He also reinvested his wealth by researching technologies that could benefit all people.

D. Gary Brown of Lexington, Ky., added:

I had the privilege of working at Wilson Greatbatch. Mr. Greatbatch was a true gentleman; a class act. He truly cared for his employees and went out of his way to take care of them. There are too many stories to share on how wonderful he was to work for, but one of them is that for several employees he personally planted their garden. Mr. G. urged people: Don't fear failure. Don't crave success. The reward is not in the results, but rather in the doing. Buffalo and the rest of the world have lost a truly remarkable person.


Brad Boyes: News sports reporter Mike Harrington's piece about the Sabres winger and how he is "a major wild card to the Buffalo offense this season" brought this comment from Frank Daddario of Akron:

Many players have come here with offensive skills and have not produced. Why? Did they forget how to score? Are the nets smaller in Buffalo? What is the common denominator as to why they fail when they come to Buffalo? One may have to look behind the bench to find the answer. Why do you think [Ales] Kotalik skipped town after his demotion to Rochester? He knew he had no chance to play in the Lindy "system."


School Zone: News education reporter Mary Pasciak's blog on "The secret to getting into City Honors" brought this comment from Donahue44:

This is what all public schools should be like. A student would have to pass a test to get enrolled. If they fail the test, they would go to a remedial school until they can pass the entrance test. Many students lack motivation these days. This would provide the needed motivation for most of the students -- not all -- in our public schools today. And then watch achievement go through the roof!!!


Teens speak up: In response to NeXt correspondent Eliza Lefebvre's piece about teen reaction to the suicide of Williamsville North High School freshman Jamey Rodemeyer, who was bullied on social media, Melanie Abczynski of Broken Arrow, Okla., wrote:

Thank you for publishing this excellent article, which includes very specific ways for schools and students to address the problem of bullying. I hope The Buffalo News will continue reporting on this subject, with more helpful information to educate on positive things that can be done to stop harassment and create a better learning and living environment for all students at school (and in neighborhoods, too.)

A big thumbs up and pat on the back to the kids who took time to share their thoughts here. Alex Mogavero, you are a very wise person.