Sticky note collages and reminder note piles get upgrades with Thoughtboxes (, which offers an online way of organizing thoughts.

After signing up for the site, users can start trains of thought by listing topics in organized boxes. These topics have sub boxes in which you can list many further ideas and tasks in any order. You can brainstorm, keep track of assignments, organize events, make to-do lists or do anything else you used to do on scraps of paper.

Unlike that crumpled sticky note from the last time inspiration hit you, your thoughts on Thoughtboxes can't be misplaced. Your trains of thought are conveniently available wherever and whenever you go online.

If you're one of those people who easily forget what they were just doing, the site helps you remember. For example, say you were writing a list of preparations for a friend's surprise party. If you log out of the site and log back in later, the site tells you, "You were recently thinking about Surprise Party." And you can pick up right where you left off.

If you need more than the three trains of thought the free basic account allows, you can upgrade to the super account for $5 per month and use as many thought boxes as you want. Upgrading your account is necessary to get the most out of the site. The upgrade also lets you share your trains of thought publicly or privately with other people, making the site more interactive and collaborative. Like Google Docs, this feature can be used for group projects, since you can allow others to edit your page.

Thoughtboxes' simplicity lets you focus solely on your thoughts without the distractions of frills or learning a difficult system. And it's also what makes the site so versatile.

-- McClatchy Newspapers