Democrats and Republicans are dooming this country

I was deeply saddened when I came home from work, turned on the evening news and heard that we are no closer to a deal on raising the federal debt limit, and could default on our debt payments in August.

It seems the Republicans feel that a tax increase would hurt the economy. The Democrats feel that the government needs the tax revenue to meet its obligation. Most experts agree that without a deal, it could mean a deeper recession, maybe Depression.

As I see it, we have had the Bush tax cuts for 10 years now. We have been at War for 10 years now. We have not had a successful foreign policy for more than 10 years now and our economic policy has not been much better!

If our elected officials don't care about the people who elected them in the first place, or the country, and its way of governing, then just give it back to the Indians! But, if they can forget about being a Republican or Democrat and be a American citizen, make a deal!

There needs to be an inheritance tax, that's why it was created in the first place. Everyone needs to pay their fair share! If we need a flat tax, do it. Everyone pays 10 percent No loopholes! No tax subsidy for big box retailers, ethanol, drug companies and farmers! Then if the politicians can use the money for the benefit of the citizens of this country, we just might make it.

My fear is that greed will prevail, we will stay on this path and we will end up just like the old Soviet Union.

Daniel R. Weaver

West Seneca


Politicians aren't worth the money we pay them

I think people in this area figured that the Peace Bridge would never happen any more than the establishment of Bass Pro in the harbor.

We spent countless dollars on studies for the Peace Bridge and unknown amounts of money toward studies for the Bass Pro sports store. What other ideas and money was spent on projects that never materialized in the last 15 to 20 years? Does anyone remember the Comedy Hall of Fame proposal or the many other proposals that have been looked into at various cost to taxpayers?

Now the mayor of Buffalo just shot down a proposal for a new restaurant in the waterfront museum. What's going on in this area?

There seems to be someone or some politician willing to shoot down any proposition that emerges. I have no faith in this city or county to do anything positive. We pay our politicians good money to represent us, but I think that it is too much for what we get. If we don't do our job properly, we get fired. Think about this in the next election. Maybe it's time for us to do some axing.

Richard Klisiewicz

Orchard Park


Workers have banded into unions out of need

Throughout the 1920s and early 1930s. Men who did hard physical labor in factories and on construction labored at the whim of their bosses. One perceived wrong and the worker was shown the door or sent from the work site. Women and men had to walk a careful line not to incur the wrath of the boss. Pay was poor, working conditions worse.

Slaves cannot endure for long. The soul of man cries out for justice. Individually they were helpless but banded together; perhaps they could demand better conditions. And hence unions were born, not immediately and not without pain and fear. Management resorted to thuggism, sending hired Pinkerton agents and head-breakers to harass workers. Some workers were killed in the process. From the sacrifices of many, came unions and distinct improvements in wages and working conditions. With the threat of unions, even non-union workers' lives improved.

As often happens, the pendulum swung too far the other way. Union leaders abused the work process and membership diminished so that today the union movement is impotent.

But be advised, the concept of banding together to improve life is still the answer, whether it be laboring people or third world countries thirsting for freedom. It is disheartening when I hear workers rejecting union membership. It is the only hope for workers to improve their lot. Congress is no help at all. The Conservatives who carry water for big business, in collusion with the Democrats, have done little for the working man and woman. Did you know there are 261 millionaires sitting in Congress? Now I ask you, why would you care about anybody else if you were sitting on that kind of money? They are also the beneficiaries of a gilt-edge "single payer health insurance plan." Why bother with the little guy?

Joseph Spina



Society has ignored many innocent victims

Just like everyone else, I was shocked when an innocent verdict was reached. "What about justice for poor little Caylee?

As I sat here the next morning, contemplating "what is the problem with this justice system of ours?" I suddenly came to a realization of truth. "Why are we all so shocked?"

Every day many innocent children are killed (or aborted) in our society on the value of human life.

Sure we all say we are caring, loving people. But why are we allowing ourselves, every day, to lose a little bit more of what we believe in.

Teddi Gerace



Grisanti played politics and nothing else in vote

I am not a resident of State Sen. Mark Grisanti's district, although I did follow the campaign very closely. Grisanti was very clear when he was running for office as a Republican that he was opposed to same sex-marriage.

It is also clear that during the runup to the vote on the same-sex marriage bill, Grisanti was under tremendous pressure from various pro same-sex marriage lobbyists to change his position. The letter to the editor in The Buffalo News that stated that Grisanti changed his position because of new "research" is total fiction. What is the new research? What new research came out from November 2010 to June 2011?

Answer: There is none. The reason for Grisanti's change of heart is politics. He did what he thinks will give him the best chance to get re-elected. It had nothing to do with any new "research."

Consider this. If Grisanti had run as a Democrat, for same-sex marriage, and then voted against it this year, would all his newfound supporters be praising him for his courageous vote, based on his new "research" of the issue? I think we all know thee answer to that question.

Let me make this clear: Grisanti switched his position based on what is best for his political future, not on a courageous change of heart.

Jeffrey Woodard