Excerpts from reader commentary on News stories and staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but comments to the blogs can be posted under pen names.

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Betty Ford: Following the July 12 editorial on the impact Former First Lady Betty Ford made on the nation, Robert H. MacCallum of Sloan noted:

I commend the editorial board. This was about the most well thought out and well crafted editoral I have seen. As the years have gone by and with wisdom of time and hindsight I find that I liked Gerald and Betty Ford more and more. Would that we had more like them.

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No texting: News Albany bureau chief Tom Precious' July 12 article about a new law making it easier for police to stop drivers for texting as a "primary" motor vehicle offense brought this bit of skepticism from David Hemmer of East Amherst:

In the "old days" the texters would hold their phones up at at eye level so they could see their phones and keep an eye on the road. Now of course the phone will be surreptitiously down in their lap to avoid the risk of a passing cop. Of course this means they won't be watching the road either. Remember seemingly obvious laws sometimes have unintended consequences.

Mike Raven of Williamsville was more hopeful:

Good. Now let's see rigorous enforcement. I am horrified by how many people brazenly ignore the law and drive with only one hand on the wheel while they are busy with their toys. A bluetooth handsfree costs only $25 how much is a New Yorker's life worth to these selfish people?

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Sports turf: Following News business reporter Matt Glynn's piece about the installation of the new playing surface at Ralph Wilson Stadium, Wayne Howard of Rochester had this to say:

Reusing artificial turf is "as green as it gets?" Try growing natural turf instead of using a petroleum-based product. It would also cut down on the number of injuries caused by playing on artificial turf. Many other cold weather teams use natural turf.

If you're driving the wrong direction on McKinley Parkway, switch drivers and continue down the road, you're still traveling in the wrong direction. Reusing something that's bad is still bad. Yes, it's better than throwing it away and starting over but it doesn't make it green.

Paul Bruhns of Buffalo responded to critics:

Before you get upset about artificial turf, consider the amount of water, nitrogen based fertilizers, and gas powered mowing it takes to maintain a grass professional football field. The newer turf is much more athlete friendly, and actually has better shock absorbent and pivot release properties than grass fields in cold weather. translation: it is actually better for the environment and the game to recycle old plastic into fake grass.

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Rick Jeanneret: Responding to a July 12 article by Mike Harrington on the number of Sabres games the legend will call, Dan Foy of Charlotte observed:

Sometimes when I'm watching goal replays on, I'll replay some goals two or three times not only to watch it, but also because I enjoy the way RJ calls it. How can you not love this guy? He's amazing and he's fun. In an age where most fans can see the game on television or Internet if they want, I don't need for RJ to name the fourth line left winger who dumps the puck in the zone -- I can see it There is NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE, whose "He shoots, he scores!" calls are as exciting, emotional and fun as his. I also love (sports commentator) "Doc" Emrick, but I would guess that even Doc would share my opinion and would look up to RJ as one of the masters.

Rick Baker of Walworth added:

It will be a sad day when Rick Jeanneret retires. I have loved listening to him for many years. He is the guy I hope is behind the mic when we raise the Cup. I think Harry (Neale) has done a good job of replacing Jim Lorentz who I loved also. I assume Roby (Mike Robitaille) will only work the home games again? This team should be plenty good.