Excerpts from reader commentary on News stories and staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but comments to the blogs can be posted under pen names.

Buffalo Sabres: In a response to News sports reporter John Vogl's June 28 piece, "Christmas comes early for Regier: Sabres GM has $15 million available for shopping spree when free agency begins Friday," Philip Carr of Calgary, Alberta, wrote:

The Regehr trade is a double bonus -- we got rid of [Chris] Butler, a man who contributed to more of the Flyers' goals in round one than any of their forwards. You should hear the whining out here in Calgary when the Flames' fans realized that the Flames were giving us the draft pick and not the other way around (as the Calgary media had first reported). I wonder what Regehr does for a uniform number, since #28 seems to be taken. The suggestion that we would want to keep [Tim] Connolly is baffling. Shows that there is a real thin crop of UFAs [unrestricted free agents] this season.

Daniel Podgorny of West Seneca added:

The Regehr move was an expensive one when you add in Ales Kotalik at $3 million per season. Does Darcy really believe he is going to compete for a roster spot? He gets $3 million here or in Rochester so I see him as an overpriced addition. And now they're talking about bringing Connolly back really? On a weekend when Kotalik is coming back and talks are under way to bring Connolly back hardly seems like a solid weekend. If those two make it to the starting roster I need to find another team to root for.


Graduation party: A June 27 article by News reporters Sandra Tan and Edward Mazzu on lavish high school graduation parties brought this response from Marylou Altieri of Kenmore:

I am amazed that parents feel the need to reward their children for good behavior. Back in "the day" my parents indicated that we weren't going to be rewarded for what was expected of us, although we had nice graduation parties in our back yard. But God forbid we didn't have good behavior. Then, we were in BIG trouble. Usually whatever sibling, cousins, etc., who were graduating during the same year shared the honors at the same party. Our families were really good at economizing.


Elvis Costello: News pop music critic Jeff Miers' June 26 review of the legendary musician brought this observation from Kerry Achilli of Lewiston:

Fabulous show, as stated. Elvis was in fine voice, the sometimes-voiced claim that "yeah, he's a great writer but only an OK guitarist" was shown to be false, the setting was wonderful and the crowd very appreciative.

Elvis chose works for both his oldest and his most recent works evenhandedly, and most importantly, showed that even a mid-50s boomer can still be producing vital music in his fifth decade in the business. A geezer tour this was NOT. I spoke with many younger concertgoers who expressed amazement at the Imposters' razor-sharp chops and incredible work ethic onstage. What PROS. And then at the end of the densely packed over 1:50 set, with no chit-chat at ALL between songs, you realize you have heard maybe 3 percent of his catalog still the king, indeed.


Buffalo Public Schools: News staff reporter Mary B. Pasciak's June 24 article on the 12 groups that have submitted proposals for seven of Buffalo's failing schools brought this frustrated response from Tony Maggiotto Jr. of Buffalo:

Kudos to Buffalo State for being the only local college/university to be willing to "own the results" of managing a turnaround school. UB is a very visible no-show, and Canisius College SHOULD have been willing to fully manage a school. I can appreciate that Canisius professors -- including my sister -- will be involved in one or more schools, but an opportunity for real local leadership has been lost. No one wants to be left holding the broken children. Disappointing. Look at it this way by having outside management providers, we are also sending money out of this area. Medaille, Hilbert, D'Youville, Houghton you are not off the hook, either.