Weiner should resign his seat immediately

Tortured to choose (as all voters are) between affiliation with the Democratic and Republican parties, I would reluctantly call myself a Democrat. So I beg Congressman Anthony Weiner to resign. The longer he continues to pretend that he is not irreparably harmed by his failure to immediately come clean, the more fodder he provides to the sanctimonious right, and the more damage he does to the Democratic Party.

When we voters consider names like Bill Clinton, Gary Hart, John Edwards, Jim McGreevey or Eliot Spitzer on the Democratic side, or John Ensign, Larry Craig, Mark Sanford, Newt Gingrich or Mark Souder on the Republican side, we have to wonder what it is about politicians that makes them combine their libidos and their egos, resulting in an utter inability to anticipate the consequences of their actions?

Regardless of your political stripe, how is it that we continue to elect people who are either so stupid, so corrupt or so out of control? Why are such people our only choices? And how does a guy like Weiner, who could be the poster boy for having sand kicked in his face, think he should be putting his "stuff" on the Web? How does a man grow up with a name like that, and not be extra careful to avoid situations like this?

Like Gary Hart, and possibly Spitzer, Weiner was doing great things as an elected official. But because it turns out that he, too, is a member of the Egomaniacs Club, not only have New York State voters lost his clout in Washington, but his family and the rest of us must once again endure the spectacle of a politician's complete lack of judgment.

John Nelson



Punish those who wear medals they didn't earn

After reading the June 4 News story about the Stolen Valor Law, I became confused. What does wearing an unauthorized service ribbon have to due with free speech?

A person either earned the right to wear the ribbon or he didn't. Period! If a person wears a ribbon he didn't earn, especially one for valor, he should be punished.

I am an Air Force veteran of the Korean War. I did not serve in Korea. Uncle Sam had me perform my duties elsewhere. It was also the time of the Cold War.

I would not dream of disrespecting the men and women who actually served in Korea by wearing the Korean Combat Service ribbon.

Anthony L. Porzio Sr.



More effective signs may prevent drownings

The excellent article about the tragic drowning of a 9-year-old, "Unseen peril of 'live' pond spells death for boy," in the June 7 News set me to thinking.

The "Danger No Swimming" sign (with symbol) seems ineffective. While its message is better than "No Trespassing," it fails to explain the danger. Besides, the little drowning victim, Joel Rama, a nonswimmer, had only gone wading -- no prohibition there.

I suggest changing the wording to something like, "Dangerous Water! No Swimming Or Wading! Unknown Depths Have Deadly Step-Offs, Undertows, Frigid or Swift Currents." The text should also be bilingual.

I know a child may not understand words like undertow, but such a sign -- designed to be placed at any dangerous body of water, statewide or even nationwide -- offers an opportunity to teach children the dangers that may lurk below the surface. And those who are already old enough to comprehend the wording will be more effectively warned.

Obviously, not everyone will see, comprehend or obey a sign. A sign can only do so much. But at least we must insist it be as effective as humanly possible.

Joe Nickell



Obama did his duties, so playing golf is fine

Give me a break! As a 22-year veteran, I can personally say one of the main reasons I served was to provide the freedom each American enjoys daily, including the president. President Obama did his duties for the day at Arlington National Cemetery and paid his respect to those who gave their lives. If he wanted to play golf or have a cookout or do whatever else any American chooses to do on Memorial Day, that is his choice. I would like to know what the writer did on Memorial Day to pay respect to the sacrifice of our fallen heroes.

As for Obama playing golf on weekends, shouldn't any American get time off to do what he enjoys? President George W. Bush took his time off and I didn't see Fox News or anyone else complaining there. Bush took 69 vacation days in his first year as president compared to Obama, who took 26 days.

I see no disrespect or disgrace in anything Obama did on Memorial Day, as well as the millions of other Americans who enjoyed a day on the links.

Patrick Jensen



We must get educated on health care reform

"Medicare 'as we know it' must end," by Robert Samuelson in the June 7 News, is bereft of any ideas that might help. Samuelson is like the passer-by who sees a sick person and says, "You don't look so good." Really, now.

Concluding that it is Rep. Paul "Ryan's radicalism versus President Obama's tinkering" is simpleton acceptance that it is a budgetary matter. No, it is not. It is actually about education and delivery of medical services combined with a new economics that will be born out of the developing chaos of failed leadership.

Austan Goolsbee's announced leaving of the administration as head of the Council of Economic Advisers reveals the level of desperation on all sides of the political spectrum. Samuelson's hope for spending cuts and austerity will never work. Witness the result of the 26th District election, and votes count.

In all areas of life now, becoming educated is more important every day, whether in the housing market, the job market or, most importantly, the health care market.

This is a nation at war, externally and internally. Abraham Lincoln reminded citizens that a house divided cannot stand. It won't. But rather than advisers like Christina Romer and Goolsbee, insiders like Larry Summers and Timothy Geithner, and "Helicopter" Ben in charge of a conflicted Federal Reserve, the needed change will come from outside, after some ultimate crisis ahead that looks to be global in nature. The world's financial interlocked fates run from the pools of fossil fuel in the Middle East to the commodity needs of global population growth to the climate change pressures accelerating earth changes.

David R. Conners