As the National Hockey League's regular season is wrapping up, the Buffalo Sabres appear to be on their way to the playoffs.

Since late February, the Sabres seem to be playing harder under their new owner. Since Terry Pegula has taken over at the helm, the Sabres have acquired Brad Boyes to help out Tyler Ennis and Drew Stafford. Boyes had 12 goals before coming to Buffalo and already has five goals for the Sabres.

The Sabres are moving in the right direction. But, after promising a Stanley Cup in the future for Buffalo, Pegula will now have to produce that.

I think Pegula's emotions have rubbed off on the players and made them play even harder. After Pegula became owner, the Sabres snapped a four-game losing streak and have gone from a team looking they wouldn't make the playoffs to a team most likely in the playoffs.

The Sabres play their last two games this weekend -- against the Philadelphia Flyers on Friday and the Columbus Blue Jackets on Saturday. Since the Sabres have pretty much secured their playoff spot, if they continue to play like they have in the early days of the Pegula era, they could make it pretty far.

One of the best decisions the Sabres have made recently was moving Thomas Vanek, Jason Pominville and Tim Connolly off the same line, and putting them on separate lines to spread the talent. Now every line can score on a consistent basis.

I have no doubt the Sabres will win the Stanley Cup in the next few years. How they play on the ice is only half the battle. Pegula has brought excitement back to the fans and players.


Keith Latta is a freshman at Newfane High School.