"Unknown," starring Liam Neeson, mixes the style of "Taken" with the plot of "The Bourne Identity", but it's worse.

Neeson plays Dr. Martin Harris. He is trying to go to a convention in Berlin, but winds up in a coma for four days after an accident. He wakes up remembering little things around the time of the crash, but when he finds his wife, nobody knows him and he doesn't have identification or proof to show who he really is.

As the movie progresses, he finds himself the victim of a conspiracy and tries to prove who he is once and for all.

"Unknown" starts off well, but as the film progresses, the story starts to dwindle and gets confusing.

This film could be called "Taken 2" because Neeson's bland acting and the cinematography are very similar to "Taken."

It easily could have been more interesting. The story at first was captivating, but as the conspiracy rolls along, the movie begins to lose its way. By the third act, it feels like it's making up stuff in an attempt to create a twist, but it never works.

The action is cool while it lasts. I like how there wasn't too much action taking over the film as it did in "Taken," but the dialogue is exactly like "Taken."

Neeson gets angry and frustrated and talks like he does in every movie he has been in. The acting is boring.

The film isn't terrible, but it certainly could have been better.

Ryan Koller is a junior at Depew High School.




Rated PG-13

Review: Two stars (out of four)