"Season of Secrets" by Sally Nicholls; Arthur A. Levine Books/Scholastic, $16.99.

After their mother dies, Molly and Hannah are sent to live with their grandparents in a quiet English country town while their father, a journalist, tries to "figure things out."

Molly is fond of her grandparents and their odd country store; Hannah is always angry and persuades Molly to run away, then chickens out. While Molly is outside searching for her sister, she stumbles across a friendly stranger, a man who can make a tree grow in the dead of winter. Molly hopes perhaps he can bring her mother back to life. But a fearsome enemy seems to be hunting him. Is it all real, or is Molly just daydreaming?

Nicholls does a great job weaving ancient legends with the reality of modern times and a girl struggling with grief. Another terrific book by this author: "Ways to Live Forever."

-- Jean Westmoore



Temperature is a degree of hotness or coldness that we measure using a thermometer. Temperature is related to how fast the molecules of a substance are moving. The faster the molecules move, the higher the temperature. Molecules in boiling water move much faster than those in ice water. Molecules slow down as the hot water cools, bringing the temperature from hotter to cooler.

-- Time Book of Why



Why is the moon like a dollar?

It has four quarters.

-- The Biggest Riddle Book in the World