From preschool to grad school, students of all ages use flash cards as a learning aid and memorization tool. But writing terms and definitions on 3-inch-by-5-inch note cards by hand? Please. Quizlet ( brings flash cards to the 21st century and promises to change the way you study.

Creating your own flash cards in Quizlet is a snap. You begin by establishing an account with the website, either creating a unique one with Quizlet or using your Facebook ID. Then, click the "Make Flashcards" button to start entering your data into Quizlet's easy-to-use flash card form. From there you can establish a name for your set, sharing permissions and more.

There's no limit on the number of terms and definitions your flash-card set can contain. So, for example, if you wanted to create a set of 100 cards covering all the vocabulary words you learned in the fall semester of your Spanish class, you could.

In addition to text, your flash-card set can also include images. Quizlet has built-in support for the photo-sharing site Flickr, so you can import pictures without ever having to leave the Quizlet site.

While you can flip through your completed Quizlet flash-card set as you would a deck of paper note cards, the Web service has more tricks up its sleeve. Click on the "Learn" button, and Quizlet will present a definition from your flash-card set and you have to type in the correct term (or vice-versa). The site keeps track of the terms you miss, asking you those questions again at the end of each quiz round.

If that was all Quizlet did, it would be pretty amazing. But it does more.

For example, Quizlet also can turn your flash-card sets into interactive games. In the "Scatter" game, you race against the clock to click and drag the term over its corresponding definition. You can race against yourself or your friends and classmates.

And if you feel your flash-card set doesn't cover enough, so you search Quizlet for sets other users have created and learn from them.

Quizlet is free to all users but for a subscription price of $10 a year, you can upgrade to Quizlet Plus. Quizlet Plus allows you to upload your own images to your flash cards and is ad free. For teens going to college, Quizlet Plus is a no-brainer; it's less than a single ticket to the movies!

Kiss note cards goodbye and kick your learning up a notch with Quizlet.