>Q: My beautiful adult daughter recently passed away. Her sisters and I want to take a cruise and drop her ashes into the sea. Are we allowed to take the ashes onto the ship and drop them into the water? And can the ashes be taken on an airplane?

A: You can scatter ashes from a cruise ship, but there are rules about where and when you can do it (at least 12 nautical miles out to sea, generally from the rear of the ship).

Ask the purser onboard to help you set up an appropriate time and place for the ceremony.

Ashes can be transported on planes as carry-on luggage. Ask the funeral home for a temporary transport box made of plastic or wood. Airport security officers have a policy of not inspecting interiors of cremation urns, so if it is metal and sets off a scanner, they will turn it away.


>Q: What ever happened to the Agawa Canyon Snow Train, the one that goes from Sault Ste. Marie, Canada, up to Agawa Canyon? I haven't seen an advertisement in a long time. Did it go out of business? It was such a nice train ride.

A: The Algoma Central Railway's Agawa Snow Train is not in service this winter because equipment is being upgraded. However, the line is still in business. The summer-fall Agawa Canyon Tour Train will run from June to October, taking passengers 114 miles north from the Soo along the breathtaking ledges, canyons and forests of northern Ontario. For tour details, see or call (800) 242-9287.

Remember to take your passport or passport card.


>Q: I plan to take a cruise, alone, and would like to know how to find a roommate. I'm not concerned about traveling by myself, but don't want to incur the cost of a one-person cabin. Any suggestions?

A: The single supplement -- the fee cruise lines charge solo travelers for occupying a room intended for two -- can be onerous. Your willingness to share a room means you may be able to escape it. According to, both Fred.Olsen Cruise Lines and Holland America will try to find you a same-sex roommate. Ask when you book; if they succeed, the supplement will be waived.

If they fail, you'll still incur the charge. CruiseCritic also suggests checking out, a website dedicated to pairing like-minded single travelers on all kinds of trips. offers sailings for singles of all ages and will seek to find cabin mates for those who want them.