About 61 years ago, C.S. Lewis wrote his first novel "The Magician's Nephew." It was the first novel that took us to the magical world known as Narnia. It has enchanted millions of readers around the world and is his most popular series. The series is now enchanting moviegoers, bringing the characters to life once again on their third adventure into Narnia.

It is the beginning of World War II, and Lucy and Edmund are staying at their bratty and annoying cousin Eustace's home. Soon the three of them are transported through a painting into Narnia. They find themselves on the Dawn Treader, the greatest ship ever built in Narnia. Caspian and a few other friends from the last film return to help out on their odyssey across the ocean. Caspian is on an important journey to find his father's friends, who have disappeared. Caspian needs them to find seven swords to be placed on Aslan's table to destroy all evil.

See this movie in 3-D. It is amazing. It felt as if I was in the adventure with them.

But the film does have a few problems. It has sword fights just for fun. There's also a goofy line when Eustace says, "I'm a real boy again!" I asked myself if I was watching "Pinocchio" or "Narnia." The movie's pacing is weird, too. The beginning of the movie was very rushed, but then slows down by the middle of the movie. There is also a green mist throughout the film that is never fully explained, leaving viewers to wonder about it and question it.

But there is a lot of good stuff in this movie. The special effects are astounding to show off this beautiful fantasy land. This was the first 3-D movie that made me move my head because I thought I was going to get hit by something. It was easy to understand and follow the story along. It never gets boring. It isn't as action-packed as the last film, which is a bit relieving. The acting in the movie is really well done. I disliked Eustace when I read the book, but in the movie you think he is annoying and a brat, which is wonderful because he plays the part perfectly.

I really enjoyed this film, despite the few problems. It was exciting and left me wanting more. I really felt a sudden sadness, too, because I realized the Pevincies are gone from the story. I really hope to see this series continue to the end of the novel, and I think it is worth every dime. It was so much fun.


"The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader"

Rated PG

Review: 3 1/2 stars (Out of 4)

Ryan Koller is a junior at Depew High School.