>Q. Is Costa Rica an easy country to rent a car and travel around (condition of the roads, etc.) or do you recommend to do some type of tour? We normally like to be on our own.

A: It depends where you are going in Costa Rica, and what time of year you are traveling. During rainy season, roads can get pretty treacherous, especially in rural areas. The bus system in Costa Rica is fairly extensive. Grayline, Interbus and EasyRide are three choices for tourist transport.


>Q: My guy and I are considering a vacation the first week of February to the Caribbean. Any suggestions? Is Bermuda too cold? We're mid-50s, love the beach and spa life, not much for adventure travel. We've never been to an all-inclusive resort, would you suggest we try that? We'd like to spend less than $2,000 for the two of us including air fare.

A: With a limited budget, all inclusives often offer a good value, especially for imbibers. If you're teetotalers, you may be better off doing an a la carte trip. Temps in Bermuda in February are cool, usually hitting a high of mid-60s. If you want lounging on beach, you need to head to the Caribbean. Look at packages offered by tour operators, such as Apple Vacations, Liberty Travel and Vacation Express.


>Q: I will be in Cairo for three full days (after a 10-day tour with Trafalgar that includes Giza & Alexandria). I plan to visit the Egyptian Museum, Coptic Cairo and Islamic Cairo (including the bazaar). Anything else I must not miss?

A: Yes, the bazaar is a must. Also go to the Mosque of Sayyidna al-Hussein. Beautiful (if you're a female, don't forget to bring along your headscarf.) Go to the Citadel. Have a drink on the roof of the Nile Hilton to watch the sunset. Or at the Marriott courtyard for some hookah smoking. If you have time, take a day trip to Saqqara, which has the Step pyramids, the first pyramids in Egypt.


>Q: If you have a voucher from an airline and it has to be used within a year of issue does that mean that the flight has to be booked within one year of issue and you can fly after the date, or does it mean that you have to use and fly within the time period?

A: In most cases, it means that all travel must be completed within one year of the voucher's issue.