"Jake" by Audrey Couloumbis; Random House, $15.99.

Ten-year-old Jake is grocery shopping with his mom a few days before Christmas when she slips on the ice, breaks her leg and has to stay in the hospital for who knows how long. Jake's dad died years ago, and his aunts are traveling and can't be reached. The only relative who can stay with him is a scary grandfather he hardly knows.

But as Jake gets to know his grandfather -- and his grandfather's scary dog -- he realizes Christmas might be something to celebrate after all. This heartwarming family story is perfect for the holidays. Another great book by this author: "The Misadventures of Maude March."

-- Jean Westmoore



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Knuckles crack because of gas bubbles popping inside the liquid that keeps the cartilage, tissues and muscles in your joints lubricated. When you bend your fingers, you stretch the case around the joint. That increases the amount of fluid. When that happens, the bubbles in the fluid pop.

-- Time for Kids Big Book of Why