Three area teens -- Elizabeth Cappuccino of Lockport, Kathleen Denecke of Hamburg and Emily Davis of Amherst -- were chosen to participate in a national ad campaign for a new line of acne products called OXY Clinical. OXY is a product of the Mentholatum Co. in Orchard Park.

The company only hires locally and thus the only models considered for the campaign were local girls.

Elizabeth, a sophomore at Nardin Academy, has been interested in acting for as long as she can remember. Having already appeared in an ad for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Elizabeth was approached by her agent about an audition for an OXY print ad campaign. While modeling isn't Elizabeth's career of choice, she saw no harm in having a few photos taken, stressing the importance of "getting your face out there," when you're involved in something like acting.

She arrived at the audition, had a few photos taken and was ultimately selected to be the model in the print ad that appears in the December issue of Seventeen magazine. When asked how the scale of the campaign made her feel, and if it was weird to be in a magazine pages away from the stars, Elizabeth quickly replied that she hadn't even thought about it that way, but confirmed it was a very cool feeling.

Elizabeth is ecstatic to be involved in the campaign and said it's great to finally realize the dream she had when she was younger of being in Seventeen magazine.

Kathleen Denecke, a freshman majoring in theater performance at Niagara University, appeared in the national TV commercial for OXY. Also an actor, Kathleen's selection process was quite similar to Elizabeth's. She was approached by her agent and went through an audition. The challenge of the commercial, said Kathleen, was playing someone younger, conceding that "only two years younger makes such a difference."

She says that "it's cool when my family calls me to say 'oh, I just saw you on TV.' "

Kathleen said that hearing about the commercial from friends and family around the country is kind of strange, admitting that she didn't expect it to be on such a large scale.

The commercial was Kathleen's first on-camera professional job.

"Buffalo [people have] such a great pride about them, and I think that's so cool," Kathleen said about the local aspect of the ad campaign. "I would love to work here in theater for a very long time -- and I think it's great that a company that's from here is keeping [its] roots here in Buffalo."

Both girls said that while they hope to succeed in acting, if an opportunity such as this were to present itself in the future, they would take it.

Emily Davis, a sophomore at Buffalo Seminary, had an experience very different from Elizabeth and Kathleen's. Emily took part in both a satellite media tour, a launch event with bloggers, and appears in a video on the OXY Web site.

Neither an actress nor a model, Emily gives real testimony about the product. The video was filmed in Emily's house on what was a very long day for her and her mother, starting at 8:30 a.m. and ending at 7:25 p.m. Emily also received a free professional photo shoot in New York City, which she says was her favorite part of working with OXY.

She described the process as "a lot of fun but very tiring."

Anna Hyzy is a sophomore at City Honors.