"The Invisible Order, Book One: Rise of the Darklings" by Paul Crilley; EgmontUSA ($16.99)

After their parents disappear, 12-year-old Emily is forced to sell watercress on the streets of London to earn pennies to feed herself and her younger brother. One day she is up early, walking on an unfamiliar street, when she witnesses a battle between tiny creatures and saves a wounded pisky, Corrigan. That's when Emily discovers she is a Seer, or able to see faeries. She also discovers there is an Invisible Order, a secret society that protects humans from the faeries. And that famous architect Christopher Wren had something to do with it all.

When her brother is kidnapped, Emily has to decide what to do and whom to trust. The plot, rich in suspense, vivid descriptions of Victorian London and even a touch of romance, takes one surprising turn after another. Be warned that it ends with a cliffhanger -- the faeries apparently had something to do with the Great London Fire of 1666 -- so we have to wait for the next book to find out what happens.

-- Jean Westmoore


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What did one candle say to the other candle?

"Going out tonight?"

-- McClatchy Newspapers