'C' is for cookie. And 'N' is for nutrition.

The folks at "Sesame Street" are hoping to spell out a message of eating well with a new initiative aimed at fighting hunger.

The program, "Food for Thought: Eating Well on a Budget," is being assembled by Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit organization behind "Sesame Street." It's aimed at the 15 percent of households in the U.S -- accounting for approximately 9 million children -- who don't get food that meets basic nutritional needs due to financial instability.

"We found there were really very few resources engaging young children and helping them engage not only in healthy habits but also in knowing that as a family they're not alone in this," said Jeanette Betancourt, vice president of content design for the education, research and outreach department of Sesame Workshop.

The 400,000 kits, available in English or Spanish, will be distributed through sponsors -- UnitedHealthcare -- and the Merck Foundation, as well as other organizations.