Have you ever gone to a football game to support your school? If you have, what do you usually do? Watch the game, right? Well, there's more to a football game than just the football players and cheerleaders. Throughout the game you hear music, which is most likely played by the school's pep band.

There is also the color guard. What's the color guard? The students that are twirling and spinning flags out on the turf during games. They spin the flags along with the band's music and are also involved with the marching band.

"I like color guard because it broadens my horizons to things other than band because I would've just been in marching band if I wasn't in color guard," said Beth Thomas, a junior at Depew High School.

Color guard is a performing arts type of sport, similar to dance but instead uses props such as colorful flags and rifles.

"I like color guard because it's a friendly team where we get to learn a unique talent of twirling flags," said Jessica Prible, a sophomore at Depew.

Hard-working students with good coordination who love to entertain and perform are good candidates for color guard. Like most other activities and sports, a tryout is necessary.

"The audition process wasn't very difficult for the newcomers. They were taught parts of the routine, and then the day of the auditions we went over it until they were comfortable with it. ... The veterans did it first, then they repeated it," Jessica said.

In color guard, students must keep the beat and be synchronized. It strengthens coordination and balance. Sometimes challenging and sometimes easy to catch on, color guard is a sport that teaches confidence and prepares students to perform.

"At every home football game, we perform at half-time. We also compete in the spring at Springville in the parade and go on trips where we perform. This year Depew is going to Disney," Beth said.

Color guard also can be a great way to meet new friends.

"I like color guard because it is a team-based activity that helped me make new friends," said Devan Brady, a junior at Depew.

So next time you go to a high school football game, look for those flags at half-time.

Hannah Gullo is a sophomore at Depew High School.