Today, many of us have woken up late and celebrated not having to go to school. Many teens lose sight of the fact that today is Veterans Day and that we should be remembering veterans past and present and what they have done for us.

Without these courageous men and women, we may not be able to go to school at all or even have the life that we live every day. They have sacrificed their lives, limbs and peace of mind so that we may live in safety in a free country. Because of these heroes, we can walk outside our house every morning without fear that it won't be there when we get back. Without them, we wouldn't have a democracy or the right to vote and have a voice in our government.

Our veterans have even fought to help protect other countries in their times of need. They do all of this selflessly, with loyalty to the United States. But some veterans have paid the price for putting themselves in danger. Many suffer from disabilities caused by combat injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder and even homelessness. Just as it was their duty to serve their country, it is our duty to honor and help them.

With Thanksgiving approaching, we need to appreciate the freedoms that our veterans have won for us. We need to show them our gratitude and support for what they have accomplished. Veterans should be the role models we look up to because of their patriotism and willingness to defend the American dream.

Unlike most holidays, Veterans Day isn't really a day of celebration. It is a solemn day on which we show somehow that we care about veterans and that we haven't forgotten them and their sacrifices. Many of us know a veteran or someone who has lost a friend or relative in war. In a time when so many people are unhappy with our country, we need to stand up and respect those who never doubted it and were always proud to raise the flag. Because of the brave, we can be grateful that we live in the land of the free.

Think about this on your day off from school.

Kristina Macro is a sophomore at Holy Angels Academy.