The music scene is constantly growing, as new bands emerge and make their way to the top. Among today's rising musical groups is Artist Vs Poet, an alternative band from Dallas. NeXt recently chatted with AVP's lead vocalist Tarcy Thomason before the band's Oct. 19 show in Club Infinity on the Fearless Friends Tour.

Thomason describes the sound of Artist Vs Poet (also comprised of members Craig Calloway, guitar; Joe Kirkland, guitar; Joe Westbrook, drums, and Jason Dean, bass), as "pop and roll." While he grew up listening to '70s music such as Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind and Fire, Thomason explains that AVP is influenced by bands such as Third Eye Blind and Weezer.

Thomason contributes to the songwriting process for the band. AVP's music has developed since the band formed in 2007.

"We're not just writing about the boy-girl thing anymore," Thomason says. "We try to write something that's about day-to-day life. We want people to relate to our lyrics."

Tour life also has changed drastically for Artist Vs Poet.

"[At] the first show, people didn't know who we were," he said.

The Fearless Friends Tour also includes Mayday Parade, Breathe Carolina and Every Avenue.

"[This tour] is with some of our closest friends ... It's probably going to be my favorite tour."

Thomason affirms that his favorite song to play is "Favorite Fix," which is composed of catchy guitar rhythms and an energetic chorus.

Of his favorite song recorded: "It's a song that's unreleased, called 'Fall as Fast as Me.' " Thomason hopes to leak the song soon.

Setting AVP apart from other bands, Thomason describes the dedication the band has to its fans.

"Our fans are basically our best friends," he said. Before and after shows, the band members go out to meet as many fans as possible.

"On this tour, we play an acoustic set after every show," he said. "If we didn't play one of the songs you wanted to hear, we'll do it acoustic."

AVP delivered a lively show at Club Infinity, performing with high energy and promoting lots of crowd participation. The band convinced everyone to sing and clap along at different times. Anyone not familiar with the band was sure to be interested after the show.

In addition to "Favorite Fix," some of AVP's catchier tunes include "Assurance Closure," "Adorable," "Car Crash," and "Damn Rough Night." The band can also be heard on its self-titled EP and debut album, "Favorite Fix."

Alyssa Phillips is a senior at Immaculata Academy.