"Milo: Sticky Notes and Brain Freeze" by Alan Silberberg; Aladdin, $15.99.

Nearly 13-year-old Milo Cruikshank first speaks to Summer, the girl of his dreams, when he sneezes on her neck in science class.

At the same time, Milo's annoying next-door neighbor Hillary keeps leaving him notes in his locker.

Nothing seems to go his way, and nothing has been right since his mother died, leaving a house full of fog. His older sister spends as much time away from the house as she can. And his dad has thrown away all his mother's things so there's nothing left to remind Milo of his mom -- that is, until he figures out a way to remember her in his own way.

The author of the hilarious "Pond Scum" offers a heartwarming and humorous look at a geeky boy coming to terms with grief with a little help from his friends.

-- Jean Westmoore



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What piece of wood is like a king?

A ruler.

-- McClatchy Newspapers