"Knightley Academy" by Violet Haberdasher; Simon & Schuster, 469 pages, $15.99

Henry Grim, a servant at the Midsummer School for Boys, is the first commoner allowed to enter the elite Knightley Academy and quickly finds out that his wealthy classmates are not about to accept him. Henry befriends the headmaster's daughter, but there seems to be a plot afoot to get Henry and his "minority" roommates -- one Jewish, the other Indian -- kicked out of school. Then, during a fencing competition, Henry stumbles onto a possible threat of war from the ominously oppressive Nordland people.

This suspenseful book offers colorful characters and an engaging plot. Haberdasher is a pen name for Robyn Schneider, who wrote "The Social Climber's Guide to High School."

-- Jean Westmoore



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What is the difference between here and there?

The letter T.

-- McClatchy Newspapers