The Lifetime network has brought a beloved book to the small screen in a new movie, "Reviving Ophelia," which airs at 9 p.m. Monday. It tells the story of two previously close cousins who have gone their separate ways.

Kelli Dunley is a rebellious teenage girl who is always getting into fights with her mother. Her cousin, Elizabeth Jones, is the stereotypical "perfect daughter" with perfect grades and a perfect boyfriend, or so it seems.

One night while staying the weekend at Elizabeth's house as a punishment from her mother, Kelli sees Elizabeth's boyfriend, Mark Stenwyck, sneaking out of Elizabeth's window. When telling Elizabeth's mother of her cousin's mischievousness, Elizabeth denies it and Elizabeth's mother, Marie, believes her daughter over Kelli.

Kelli seems to be the only person to see how controlling Mark is of Elizabeth, always looking through her phone, telling her what to do, always having to know where Elizabeth is and who she's with at all times.

Kelli brings an ex-girlfriend of Mark's to Elizabeth's attention. This girl is rumored to have gone insane pre-breakup and was forced to dump Mark, leaving Elizabeth curious. That night, Mark has once again snuck into Elizabeth's room. He is asked a question about his ex and completely blows up about lack of trust on Elizabeth's part and leaves.

Later that night, Marie receives a frightening call about a car accident involving her daughter. She originally thought they were referring to her niece, Kelli, because she wasn't home. But when she was reassured it was Elizabeth that was involved in the accident, she finds a disturbing discovery that her "perfect daughter" had left the house with out her knowledge.

Upon waking up, Mark asks if Elizabeth had remembered hitting the side of her face on the dashboard while Mark attempted to swerve around a dog in the road. After a period of silence, Elizabeth says she recalls the accident, although her story is being influenced by Mark. When Kelli arrives at the hospital after hearing word of the accident, she takes one look at Elizabeth and asks one question: "Did he hit you?"

The abusive relationship continues between Mark and Elizabeth, but Kelli is the only person who knows the truth behind all the lies Elizabeth continues to tell. Kelli attempts to share the truth with Marie, but Elizabeth convinces her otherwise. As everyone begins to find out the truth about Mark's abuse, Elizabeth continues to deny the truth and blames herself for his irrational behavior.

Will Elizabeth have the courage to stand up to Mark? Will the pressure from her mother to do the right thing cause her to crack? Will Kelli make everything worse in an effort to save her cousin? Tune in Monday night to find out.

Annie Niland is a freshman at Grand Island High School.