After summer break, it can be a difficult transition back to school. You go from staying up and sleeping in late, spending endless hours with family and friends to waking up early, homework, studying for tests and dealing with social situations. For many students, returing to school can be stressful.

There are, of course, ways to combat back-to-school stress. Things like time management, organization, optimism and music are all great ways to reduce stress.

Getting organized is a great place to start. Have all school supplies where they should be at home and in your locker at school. Knowing where everything is can help you keep your focus.

Try not to overschedule, and find a balance between classes and clubs.

"I always do schoolwork first but stay involved because without fun school activities, the schoolwork seems like too much and gets boring and then I slack. So I keep them equal," says Ashley Short, a sophomore at Depew High School.

Manage your time wisely. Don't sign up for more than you know you can handle. Many students get involved with activities in and out of school. But if you overload on activities, it could interfere with school work.

"I would get my school work done first before I did anything after school, like sports," said Josh Rogacki, a sophomore at Depew High School. "And if that meant that I had to miss a sports practice or a rehearsal, then I had to miss it."

Another big stress inducer at school is the social aspect. Sometimes when students head back to school, they feel forced to become something they're not, just to fit in. Or problems with friends may arise. A mind full of worries about fitting in can lead to poor concentration in the classroom.

When dealing with things in and out of class, always stay positive. Once you develop a negative attitude, everything becomes harder than it seems. Recognize problems as opportunities for development and improvement.

When stress and anxiety come into play, music an be a great way to relieve it. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to music. Just being alone and listening to the music that makes you comfortable is one of the best ways to upgrade your mood.

Now that school is upon us, many questions wander through students' minds. "Is this teacher really strict?" "Does this class have too much work associated with it?" Just remember: Everyone gets worried, but that's OK.

Hannah Gullo is a sophomore at Depew High School.