As the opening notes of the Trews concert rang out across Artpark on a Wednesday night in late August, an energetic crowd jumped to their feet and began singing along, practically before the MacDonald brothers Colin and John-Angus -- could strum the notes of the first song on their guitars.

Lights danced around the stage, coloring smoke that felt the piercing strength of Sean Dalton's drum sticks. Although the band began by playing "So She's Leaving," people who have seen the Trews perform live can attest that there is no sense in leaving the concert once the Trews take the stage.

The Trews continued their concert with fan favorites "Not Ready To Go," "Paranoid Freak" and "I Can't Stop Laughing" before getting to "Yearning," which was a classic example of a Trews value meal. It began as "Yearning," then blended into "Wavin' Flag" by K'naan, followed by an electric guitar solo by John-Angus. While playing the guitar in front of him, behind his head or while jumping around stage, he never fails to leave the audience in awe of his talent. When John-Angus was done, the rest of the band came back on stage and finished "Yearning."

The audience put their "hands in the air," as the music instructed them, and swayed back and forth to the band's impressive performance.

The band then tenderly switched to "Highway of Heroes," a song about a girl from their hometown who went to fight in the war in Afghanistan and did not come back.

With the "Power of Positive Drinking" and some "Poor Old Broken Hearted Me," the Trews quickly bounced back into their rocking selves, although they still had not finished pulling tricks out of their sleeves. They dropped their electric guitars in favor of harmonicas and played an acoustic set. Sean Dalton played a seven-minute drum solo. The band then played a song by the Doors.

By the end, everyone in the crowd had entered the rock zone. They were dancing and bobbing their heads to the beat. They felt the music pulse through them, a direct result of the energy being created onstage.

They ended the concert by playing favorite songs such as "Tired of Waiting" and "Man of Two Minds."

Offstage after the concert, the Trews hung around for pictures and autographs.

"Love it, it's beautiful here," said John-Angus about Lewiston.

And, when bass guitarist Jack Syperek was asked about returning to the Buffalo area, he said, "We'll be back."

Those looking for an extraordinary concert experience should not hesitate to see the Trews when they return.

Monica Disare is a senior at Frontier High School.