Ah -- my favorite season is just about here. Fall! And with a new season comes a new set of rules. Tank tops, short shorts and gladiator sandals may have worked successfully for the months of June, July and August, but for the fall season, there are new boundaries.

Here comes a season that leads you to explore the stylista inside of you as you play around with fun jewelry, coats and boots. Layer, experiment and, most importantly, have fun! This back-to-school season can open the door for you to be as fashionable as you can. School can be your personal runway, so show off your fashion expertise.

Here are some of my personal and researched ins and outs of the season. Have a great, stylish and fantastic school year!

In for girls:

Pea coats

Ankle boots

Leopard prints

Big statement jewelry

Trench coats

Men's watches

Military style

Statement headbands

Biker style

Vintage pieces

Gold jewelry


Satin and silk

Out for girls


Zebra print

Bubble coats

Skirts with leggings


In for boys


Bright colors

Biker style

Black and brown together

Military style

Pea coats


Out for boys

Baggy pants

Hiking boots

Bubble coats

Kelly Williams is a junior at Williamsville South High School.