Down-home blues ...

... we found them Sunday at the Pine Grill Reunion. There were the fat, soulful ballads of Houston Person, so beautiful that we forgave him for continually checking his watch. Grassroots vocalist Vinnie Knight is the only artist we have ever seen to go personally through the crowd, hawking her CDs blanket by blanket. Hard to say no! The soul of the festival, as always, were emcee Carl Buckner’s announcements about lost kids and objects and illegally parked cars. “Oh, I forgot, we still have keys,” he said between acts, as Muddy Waters, on the sound system, wailed and groaned. “Someone left their keys. And they look current! They ain’t old keys. They look current. So check to make sure you have your keys.” Buzz checked, and we did. Dear old Pine Grill. Part 2 takes place at 4 p.m. Sunday in Martin Luther King Park.

Steers and beers

Aren’t they fun, all the guys and gals from Texas and Oklahoma? They’re in town for AgMedia, a cattle dealers’ convention that runs through Wednesday. You don’t think of Buffalo as a cattle town, but we are: Conventioneer Jake Jaeckli (whom we met, coincidentally, listening to Jackie Jocko) said they like cities that are midsized and not too expensive, like Albuquerque, Kansas City and us. The Buffalo summit (motto: “Just Wing It!”) sold out, and the cattlemen have had fun grazing around town. Jaeckli showed off a shot of himself at Statler City next to the sign saying Prohibition was over. “I’ve posted it on Facebook,” he beamed. “We’ve got over 45 likes so far.”

Corny gossip

You had to read the small print to find out about two mini-attractions at the Eden Corn Festival: the World’s Tiniest Woman and the World’s Smallest Horse. A friend’s brother-in-law’s aunt went in to see the tiny woman and said she was very friendly and talkative and, even better, was watching “Jeopardy.” Sweet! Not so sweet were rumors of a creature who was half-snake, half-woman. “Eeeek!” a friend squealed. But Buzz doubts those rumors. We think someone was into the corn liquor. And anyway, the Weird Sweepstakes is already won. Nothing can beat those ads for Body Worlds Vital and its sad-faced, walking cadavers – and its slogan: “This time, it’s about YOU.”

Lots of Bud under the bridge

Johnny Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls recently married his girlfriend, Melina Gallo, eliciting this alarming sentence on People magazine’s website: “Rzeznik opts for a dark green Gucci suit instead of a tux, while Gallo stuns in an Enzoani gown.” What happened to the Goodwill-shopping Johnny? Our heart goes out to a gal commenting on a story about him in Elle. She wrote: “Hey Johnny … I hope you get this … we both graduated from the same college … the Continental mid-1980s the Bud era when the Fems played every weekend and you were a bar back … two for one drinks before midnite … lol … if u get this contact me …” Oh, honey. That was then, this is now.

The buzz

Love the slogan of the Ellicott District, seen on a banner: “A Great Place To Live, Learn and Enjoy.” ... Fun to see Mayor Byron Brown in his weekend wear, meaning natty khakis. ... Endless summer, endless Buffalo bands, endless exercise and dieting when this is all over, so enjoy it now. Catch McCarthyizm tonight at 7 at Elmwood Avenue and Bidwell Parkway.


“I chased my dreams. I chased my goals. I chased me.”

– Original by Chicago singer Kenya, at the Pine Grill Reunion

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