We have confidence…

… in sunshine, we have confidence in rain! Look what a downpour can do. The storm that silenced the Tragically Hip on Friday also knocked the power out at Artpark, canceling the final performance of “The Sound of Music.” So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, adieu! The hills were alive with the sound of disappointed kids. But in a tremendous display of spirit, the cast trooped out onto the dark stage and, as maybe 400 people lingered in the hall, they sang the songs from the show. “It was so touching,” one gentleman said. “It was a once-in-a-lifetime theater experience. Maybe better than the show would have been.” Certainly more memorable.

That ’70s show

The ’70s are alive at Artpark this week, because Thursday, the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and JoAnn Falletta re-create the concert given on that date in 1974, when the venue officially opened. There are a couple of things the concert can’t duplicate. For one thing, the emcee for Artpark’s grand opening were Cicely Tyson and Coco. Tyson, now 79, won’t be there Thursday, and Buzz doesn’t even know who Coco is. Also, Artpark’s George Osborne told us that originally, they shot the fireworks off over the top of the building. “But our rules and regulations are more strict,” he said, adding that Thursday’s fireworks “will shoot up fountains of 35 feet.” That’s good enough for us! And these are minor matters. There’s an easy way to make up for them: We should all wear ’70s clothes.

A founding father

Last week Buzz admired Conehead, beer purveyor at Bisons games, for touring breweries in his off hours. Today’s worker who loves his job is Mike Driscoll, owner of Founding Fathers Pub. Buzz ran into Mike walking on the waterfront on a blazing hot day. He was carrying a trivia book and he stumped us with two trivia questions, one about the length of the Niagara River, the other one something about Joseph Ellicott. Doesn’t surprise us. This is a guy who lives and breathes history. Last time we saw him he was in the library, standing over a pile of books about, you guessed it, the Founding Fathers.

A.C. for one

We’ve seen personal pan pizza, and Buzz’s favorite, personal watermelon. Now, welcome personal air conditioner. A friend who caught crooner Mike Costley’s show at The Buffalo News’ Jazz at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery a week ago, admired Costley’s style, and also admired a box at the singer’s feet, blowing cold air on him. This is one cool cat! Costly, a Buffalo expat, now lives in Florida. He comes equipped.

The buzz

Douglas “Trigger” Gaston, playing Jazz at the Albright-Knox this past Sunday, didn’t have a personal air conditioner, so you have to admire him double for pouring out those scorching solos. A smoking gun! “Trigger” got his name, let us recall, because of his rapid-fire notes. … Inscrutable summer pronunciation o’ the week: “Chay-tah-KWAI-ah.” The out-of-towner was trying to say “Chautauqua.”


“Unlimited Boot Camp Classes.”

– LivingSocial offer Buzz can refuse