Springing up like zinnias, just in time for the Fourth, are those gorgeous public pianos, all over Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Annie Philippone, who plays piano at Nietzsche’s, was making plans to do some off-roading and play a piano on Grant Street. Buzz is busy practicing and memorizing a brooding, 45-minute-long Schubert sonata. We are going to be a one-woman piano filibuster! Meanwhile, organizer Mark Weber is keyed up. He is now on the lookout for a vast, warehouselike space. The reason? “I would like to open up ‘Mark Weber’s Pianotorium’ as a tourist attraction in Buffalo.” Let’s give him the keys to the city!

Art defies life

Good news: You still have one more day to catch Phil Pantano’s photo exhibit, open through Wednesday at Main Street Studios. It is a must-see, because it shows your friends and neighbors, people you know – firefighters, priests, electricians – all looking bushed after a day at work. Most impressively, you get a once-in-a lifetime chance to see – we know this is incredible, so we are putting the photo on the Buzz Blog – deejay Anita West frowning. How did Pantano pull that off? Every time we see Anita, say at the CPG where she emcees on Thursdays, she’s beaming. Catching her without her smile is like catching Tom Stahl without his hat, or Ed Kilgore without his turtleneck. Her friends on Facebook were clearly puzzled, too. One gentleman writes: “The look on your face made me think someone handed you this great album and upon opening it you found a CD inside.”

Tower of power

Every Independence Day, as darkness falls, we thrill to looking up, as music plays, and beholding a colorful display that, each year, seems to get higher, more extensive and more colorful. We allude, of course, to the majestic, skyscraping display at Premier Liquor of – brace for it! – Blue Nun. In boxes and bottles. With rebates. Who can resist it? Nun! Buzz is not normally a Blue Nun buyer, but we were so overwhelmed by the towering display, the Mozart piano concerto on the sound system and our own Bavarian blood that a bottle – OK, a box, let’s be honest – went into our cart. You know what they say, there are two seasons in Buffalo, winter and the Fourth of July. Prosit!

The Buzz

You have until Sunday to view that exhibit at the History Museum starring the 127-year-old piece of cake from Grover Cleveland’s wedding. Amazing, this being Buffalo, that nobody has eaten it in all that time. ... Nickel City Opera, which staged “Don Pasquale” at the Riviera Theater this weekend, is already advertising its 2014 opera, Puccini’s “Tosca.” Early publicity reads: “There will be blood.”



– English surtitle during hilarious moment in Nickel City Opera’s “Don Pasquale”