The story of the Cheektowaga High School teacher who is the focus of a federal lawsuit could be a landmark case in the debate over religion in public schools.

If only it could lead to a more civilized kind of debate.

Joelle Silver, 29, complained in court papers that district officials threatened to fire her if she didn't take down posters with religious messages, notes with Bible quotes and a “prayer request” box for a Bible Study Club.

She says her First Amendment rights are being violated. A national organization called the postings unconstitutional and said they should be removed.

This is the kind of issue that calls for an airing in the marketplace of ideas, where reasonable people who disagree can introduce and rebut salient points in an attempt to settle their debate.

Or they can go online, call each other names, present opinion as fact and scoff at everyone else's viewpoint.

The initial Buffalo News report about this case has provoked more than 730 online comments. I've condensed some of my favorites to just their opening point to give you a flavor of the kind of “debate” occurring online.

The first commenter quoted Thomas Jefferson's famous opinion that there should be a separation between church and state.

From there …

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I have given you the actual words, you reject those words.

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Belief is not proof.

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You get the idea. And it's not really news that disagreement breeds such vitriol.

But given the many ways we can communicate today, we should have a place for open-minded people interested in honest debate about an important issue.

I think I'll go listen to AM radio.