Maybe we should cut Miami some slack. It’s a city, after all, under the heat of Tom Wolfe’s portrayal of the metropolis as full of social climbers steeped in sex.

“In Miami, everybody hates everybody,” one of Wolfe’s characters proclaims in his latest epic, “Back to Blood.”

Its reputation is, well, a bit plastic. There’s a reason reality shows like “Housewives of Miami” and “Bad Girls Club: Miami” have gravitated to Dolphin territory.

So it’s hard to get too worked up when a couple of Miami radio hosts bait Dolphins running back Reggie Bush into a cheap shot at women in Buffalo.

It started with a forecast for Thursday night’s National Football League game at Ralph Wilson Stadium, with one host on the Paul and Young Ron Show suggesting that “women will be out there topless in that weather.”

“You don’t want to see that,” one of the hosts said. “No, God, no,” the other added.

To which Reggie Bush so eloquently added, “not Buffalo women.”

Cue the indignation. And the flashback to Tom Brady’s off-the-cuff slight at Buffalo’s hotels. And didn’t Willis McGahee sputter about Buffalo’s nightlife after leaving town?

The interesting thing is the umbrage over Bush’s remarks seemed fueled not by people in Buffalo, but by reporters looking for a story of a city scorned. Buffalo-as-punchline never seems to get old for the rest of the country.

Most of us ladies up here in Buffalo just yawned. We know better than to get worked up over the cloddish comments of a man whose off-field accomplishments revolve around having formerly dated reality starlet Kim Kardashian.

We also know there are plenty of beautiful women in Buffalo, but that’s not what matters. We’re not skin-deep.

Irving resident Lonna McCary, 23, found herself in the middle of the whirlwind after she was drafted the unofficial spokeswoman for Buffalo’s beautiful women when a writer for Yahoo Sports plucked her picture from the Web in response to Bush’s comment.

A graduate student at Hilbert College, McCary is working toward a master’s degree in criminal-justice administration. Oh, and she won Miss Buffalo 2012 and Miss Thousand Islands 2013.

“Personally, my classmates, friends, family, fellow pageant competitors, they’re intelligent, caring, kind people, and we really don’t deserve to be pigeonholed into the negative stereotype that Mr. Bush’s radio interview depicted,” McCary told me.

But she really isn’t all that concerned. She knows plenty of accomplished women in Western New York who have too much confidence to dwell on 13 seconds of clichéd chatter.

“Let people say their ignorant comments,” McCary added. “We’re bigger than that.”

Bush, meanwhile, started backpedaling not long after he got off the air. “Lol it was a joke!” Bush tweeted. “GET IT! No? Nobody? Ok... Crickets.” At least he caught on to one thing about Buffalo women: We know a dumb joke when we hear one.