Perhaps Williamsville should install zip lines

After reading The News piece on the transformation of the area around the Williamsville water mill, I checked to see if it had been written by Dave Barry.

In an incredible proposal hailed by Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper as “a model of green infrastructure and design,” residents and visitors will be able to “spend their weekends bopping from shop to shop without the hassle of finding a place to park.” In addition, bopping in a milieu of “cultural, historical and environmental significance” will be facilitated by lily pad-like “bulb-outs” and pedestrian refuge islands from which one could “bop” – or hop – “across a five-lane thoroughfare – no small feat at the height of rush hour.” This, we’re told, is of some concern for local businesses because, “when pedestrians can’t get across the street, they give up and say, ‘I’m going to shop somewhere else.’ ”

Don’t be concerned when bopping shoppers can’t get across the street. When the main objective of the town seems to be to attract new residents and get them bopping into upscale shops as quickly as possible, why not just install zip lines from the new hotel/apartment complex and avoid the problems of traffic and parking completely?

Albert Sterback