LOCKPORT – A former Royalton woman, whose record includes federal and local drug-related convictions, pleaded guilty Thursday to stealing her father’s credit card in February.

Lexie T. Quagliano, 29, who said she is now homeless, was placed in the judicial diversion program of court-supervised drug treatment by Niagara County Judge Sara Sheldon Farkas. Quagliano will be taken directly from the County Jail to an inpatient treatment facility.

Quagliano, who admitted to fourth-degree grand larceny, said she has been through five drug rehabilitation efforts. In June 2012, Farkas gave her a year in prison for selling Suboxone in the Town of Lockport in 2011. In 2009, she had admitted to a federal charge of fraudulently obtaining painkillers.

If Quagliano succeeds in treatment, her plea will be reduced to a misdemeanor with a probation sentence. If she fails, she faces up to four years in state prison.