The Town of Wales has entered into negotiations with the Town of Holland to have Holland take over dog control duties from the current Wales provider, the Town of Aurora. Wales Supervisor Rickey Venditti said he has not heard from Holland on its final decision.

Venditti said the terms offered by Wales are similar to the ones that Wales had with Aurora, a lump sum plus mileage.

Aurora had notified Wales in January that it no longer was feasible for Aurora to continue the contract because the employee doing the work is being transferred to a different department. The Town of Aurora has assured Wales it would continue the dog control for Wales until the end of December.

Aurora has performed the dog control for Wales since 2009. Ronald Bennett, town attorney for Wales is also attorney for Holland.

On another issue, the Wales Town Board passed a resolution supporting a resolution that the Town of Lancaster is submitting to Erie County that could affect negotiations between the towns and Erie County on who pays the towns to remove snow from county-owned roads within the town borders.

The county pays the towns per lane mile for the plowing, which the county has neither the manpower nor equipment to do.

According to Venditti the county is offering a half percent increase to the towns and the negotiations are not going well.

In another matter, the Walkway Committee will hold an informal meeting with interested residents at 7 p.m. July 31 at the main shelter in the Town Park.

Susan Everett, head of the committee, said it is to be an exchange of ideas regarding the trail to benefit walkers and bikers. Free ice cream will be offered. A preview walk by committee members will begin at 6:30 p.m. The public is invited to bring lawn chairs or blankets to the meeting.