Local indie rockers Colors in the Air had no grand celebrations planned for their eighth anniversary in August. But tonight, they’ll get a pretty good early birthday present: two featured songs and an appearance on the USA Network’s hit comedy, “Royal Pains.”

“It’s clearly a highlight in our career,” drummer Pat Williams said about the Lockport band’s national television debut. “It’s a great way to bring in our eighth anniversary.”

“Royal Pains,” which started its fifth season in June, stars Mark Feuerstein as Hank Lawson, an E.R. doctor who relocates to the Hamptons after losing his New York City job and soon finds himself as a begrudging “concierge doctor” for the rich and powerful members of a resort community. He eventually tries extending his help to less well-off locals with greater need, or greater respect, for it.

Tonight’s episode, “Pregnant Paws,” features a subplot with Dr. Jeremiah Sacani (Ben Shenkman), who works with Hank, lending his services to a shock-jock at a local radio station. That’s where Colors in the Air come in.

Williams, who moved to New York last year while his bandmates (frontman Brian Miller, guitarist Justin Walker and bassist Mike McGranor) hung back here, joined “Royal Pains” this season as a production assistant after a stint for the final season of “30 Rock.” He knew this episode needed a band for a scene at the radio station’s beach party, and suggested his own. That was all it took: Colors in the Air flew to the Hamptons in May to shoot its brief appearance, and its song “Going Home” became the soundtrack of the scene.

Several days ago, the producers realized they needed another song for the closing credits, and Colors in the Air snuck a second tune, “Fly High (New Light Remix),” into the episode.

Does this mean national success for Colors in the Air? Williams, who studied media production at Fredonia State College, said that for now, he just wants Buffalonians to at least DVR the episode.

“I hope it comes out as something positive,” he said. “It could be minuscule, it could be big. As long as something happens, I’ll be happy.”

The band’s Buffalo-based members will host a viewing party at Gothic Hill Golf Course (5477 Niagara St. Ext., Lockport), starting at 8 p.m. The episode airs at 9.

Colors in the Air plays its next Buffalo show on Sept. 14 in the Waiting Room, and when they return, you can say you knew them before they were famous.