LOCKPORT - Representatives from the Federal Emergency Management Agency are expected to visit Lockport today► to inspect residential damage from the June 28 flash flood.

Mayor Michael W. Tucker, who last week urged residents to file notices of claim against the city as a means of emphasizing the damage to property, said Tuesday he’s not sure if the FEMA officials will return to Lockport after today’s visit.

City Clerk Richelle J. Pasceri said late Tuesday that only 27 notices of claim have been filed, although residents have 90 days from the date of the loss to do so. She said the city also will give FEMA the list of about 200 homes where residents made calls for crews that went to pump out basements on the night of the flood.

With neighbors asking for help when they saw the fire trucks, the actual number of basements pumped out is believed to have been about three times as large, Pasceri said.