‘Intelligence’ agencies inspire no confidence

It’s awfully hard for me to have any confidence at all in our intelligence services, and I use the word “intelligence” in the loosest possible term. Why would we trust them with all of the metadata they say they need to protect us? Their track record is horrendous; they’ve missed far more than they’ve found. Now that their back is against the wall with all these recent revelations, they trot out all these plots they say they disrupted. Real surprise there.

They are so inept, they knew where Edward Snowden was, what he was doing, and they still let him get away. It seems an intelligent person at the State Department never revoked his passport.

Whatever you think of Snowden, he certainly has made our intelligence services the laughingstock of the world. A $65 billion budget, and they can’t even keep up with a high school dropout. It makes me wonder what is going on.

The late George Carlin got it right: “Military intelligence is an oxymoron.”

Gary Chamberlain