Proposal would expand women’s access to abortion

People need to know the facts about Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 10-point proposal. The 10th point is to enact the Reproductive Health Act. Right now, in New York State, abortion is illegal after 24 weeks of pregnancy. This act would change that by giving women and doctors very loose parameters to perform an abortion up until the day of birth.

The argument is that it will fall in line with the federal law, which allows for late-term abortions when the “life” of the mother is at risk. This act changes that to the “health” of the mother, which makes it easy to perform abortions at any time. This act also allows for non-medical professionals to perform abortions, which will certainly lead to unhealthy and unsafe practices. So, the argument that this brings it up to the federal law is simply not true; this act extends it way beyond where the federal law is.

Jesus talked about protecting the weakest among us. Jesus said: “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me.” I believe Jesus knew this applied most to the children he loves who will never be given their God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I believe at the end of time, the greatest tragedy will not be all the wars, or the Holocaust, Mussolini or Hitler, but rather the murdering of almost two innocent babies every minute, all while many applauded a women’s “legal” right to engage in infanticide.

I believe we will all have to answer for our choices, for our beliefs. God gave mankind free will, and he respects your free will. However, your choices today will determine your eternal home.

Martin J. Dziwulski

Elder, Spirit Word Ministries