Amherst officials show no concern for residents

I am a longtime resident of Snyder and I am writing to express my absolute disbelief in Amherst Town Supervisor Barry Weinstein’s position that he is not responsible for the unchecked development occurring in Snyder and Amherst.

Weinstein blames this development on the Zoning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals, in that these branches of Amherst’s government have permitted the construction of a large hotel on Main Street and are now permitting the construction of another large hotel in the area of the Lord Amherst.

I am appalled by this unchecked development and further appalled that unelected boards are supposedly making decisions that affect our town in such a negative way. My heart goes out to my neighbors in the Smallwood Drive neighborhood, who now will have hotel rooms to look at rather than blue sky, and worse, hotel guests looking down into their back yards.

I cannot help but think that Weinstein’s court challenge now is but a bandage in an attempt to save, what I hope, is his failed attempt at re-election this fall. I hold him and all members of the Amherst Board responsible for these unwelcome hotels because they have made appointments to the different zoning boards. I hope, come November, that these elected officials are voted out of office because they do not represent me or my neighbors and have certainly put their own ambition ahead of our well-being.

Gerard E. O’Connor