Lockport Mayor Michael W. Tucker has declared a state of emergency at the city’s waste water treatment plant, though he called it a “precautionary measure” and emphasized that there is no immediate threat to public safety.

The waste water treatment plant was badly damaged by the flooding that affected Lockport on June 28, the mayor said.

The plant has two “grit chambers,” which separate debris from the water before it moves on to get treated, Tucker said, and one was broken in the storm.

The plant has two chambers in case one breaks. Tucker said the second chamber needs to get fixed as fast as possible in case the area experiences heavy rain in the near future.

“The fastest way to get this thing fixed is to declare a state of emergency,” Tucker said, adding that the declaration allows the city to circumvent procurement policies, which can delay repairs by up to six weeks.

“Because of the nature of this equipment, we can’t wait four to six weeks,” Tucker said.

“There is no threat to public safety,” he added, “this is a precautionary measure that the City of Lockport is taking.”