Slower golfers should heed to those quicker

It’s that time of year again, and slow play is plaguing local golf courses. The USGA rules say that each 18-hole round shall be completed at a pace of no more than 4 hours and 35 minutes. This comes out to slightly more than 15 minutes per hole. The rules also say that slower groups must allow groups that are playing at a faster pace to play through. This means that the slower groups must stand aside and wave the group behind them through. It isn’t optional. Trying to hurry a little more or simply ignoring the folks who are waiting for you all day aren’t options either.

There is nothing wrong with being on a date at the course, getting your exercise or just enjoying camaraderie with your buddies, as long as you aren’t doing it on other people’s time. Nobody wants to be angry; they just want to play. If you have a disability, or you are elderly or otherwise incapable of completing the round in the required time, you should be riding in a golf cart. You can take your time at the gym. If you are a beginner, you should be doing the same and waving groups behind you to go past. If you are waiting for a group ahead of you, you should be advancing to your ball, as long as you aren’t putting yourself in another player’s path. It’s about time.

Patrick McLaughlin


Time after time, big events start late

Why are so many sporting events like the NBA Finals starting at 9 p.m.? The last two games were in Miami. There is no reason an East Coast team cannot start at 8 p.m.

Sports teams are losing a fan base because of this. Young children, school children and workers who have to get up early have a hard time staying up so late. Is everything in sports just about the money?

Al Nowicki

Orchard Park

FC Buffalo affordable family entertainment

For any WNYer looking for an economical and enjoyable sporting afternoon, let me recommend Buffalo’s local men’s soccer team, FC Buffalo. Last Sunday, my family of five was treated to a fun afternoon of high-level soccer and an entertaining crowd for under $10 within the beautiful venue of the historic All High Stadium.

With Buffalo’s hockey, football and baseball teams continually struggling in the standings, perhaps Buffalonians would like to try to support a local team on the way to the playoffs in the National Premier Soccer League replete with singing, cheering, food from Buffalo’s best food trucks AND a winning team. Count me in.

Richard W. Kozak, Jr.

Lake View

Success for Sabres as easy as 1-2-3

After viewing one of the most frustrating seasons in Sabres history, I have come to following conclusions. I feel the Sabres could have made the playoffs last year if they would have concentrated and practiced the following three things:

1) Get the puck out of their own end. Lesser teams came in, took the puck away and had scoring chances and goals. It was like someone stealing and eating your lunch.

2) Win more faceoffs than the other team. Failure of this also led to many scoring chances and some goals for the opposition.

3) I, like many other fans, found myself shouting at the TV, “Shoot the thing.” There were way too many fancy passes where we lost the puck and never got a shot off.

Now the ironic part: It seems all of these things could have been improved upon with practice. It never improved very much. Especially under Ruff. So maybe that’s why Lindy and his staff is gone and the GM is still here.

Manny LoPresto Sr.


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