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The Washington Post

When the topic of plus-size classes recently came up online in a Washington-area yoga instructor discussion group, Annie Carlin was surprised to read so many comments from people who dismissed the idea.

“I think it’s easy to say something isn’t needed if you don’t need it,” she says.

One stat supporting her position? The number of programs for yogis who don’t fit the stick-figure mold. Beyond Carlin’s approach, which she calls Supportive Yoga (, there’s Body Positive Yoga ( out of Norfolk, Va., HeavyWeight Yoga ( in Texas; New York’s Mega Yoga (; and Big Yoga ( based in Michigan.

Fat Yoga (, a studio in Portland, Ore., has been making national headlines since it opened in January.

Probably no one has done a better job spreading the message than Nashville’s Anna Guest-Jelley, creator of Curvy Yoga ( Her program has certified instructors all over.