Governor’s tax breaks benefit few, hurt many

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has another get-rich-quick scheme for business owners who set up shop on and near college campuses. And guess who gets to foot the bill for these business owners? None other than the already overtaxed residents of the highest-taxed state in America. Yes, these business owners get to use the very same infrastructure that we taxpayers have to support.

In 10 years, when his tax breaks go away, we will be taxed even higher as these business owners pack up and leave for states that have lower taxes. Don’t be fooled. Have any of us New Yorkers ever seen our tax bills get smaller? Cuomo’s property tax cap equals higher school taxes, town taxes, gas taxes, sales taxes and fees on everything.

Cuomo is no different from his father. The governor seems bent on finishing the destruction of this state. And he has the aid of our Assembly and Speaker Sheldon Silver. Oh, yes, thanks to Silver, we also will be forced to pay for the sexual harassment lawsuit brought by Vito Lopez’s staff member.

Harvey Schwartzmeyer

North Collins