Cavalry units

8th N.Y. Cavalry (Monroe County)

470 men: Two killed, 22 wounded, 16 missing (6.9 percent loss).

9th N.Y. Cavalry (Chautauqua County)

367 men: Two killed, two wounded, seven missing (3 percent loss).

• Maintained after the war that they fired the first shot at Gettysburg.

10th N.Y. Calvary (Erie County)

333 men: Two killed, four wounded, three missing (2.7 percent loss).

Artillery units

Battery M, 1st N.Y. Light Artillery (Niagara County)

90 men: No casualties.

Battery I, 1st N.Y. Light Artillery (Erie County)

141 men: Three killed, 10 wounded (9.2 percent loss).

Battery L, 1st N.Y. Light Artillery (Monroe County)

124 men: One killed, 15 wounded, one missing (13.7 loss).

• Fought on East Cemetery Hill

Infantry units

49th N.Y. Volunteers (Erie and Chautauqua counties)

359 men: Two wounded (0.6 percent loss).

64th NYV (Cattaraugus County)

204 men: Fifteen killed, 64 wounded, 19 missing (48 percent loss).

• Sent from Cemetery Hill to bolster the Third Corps’ weak left flank; part of a charge that sliced through Wheatfield only to come up against fresh Confederates at Rose Farm.

72nd NYV (Chautauqua County)

305 men: Seven killed, 79 wounded, 28 missing (37.4 percent loss).

• Part of Major Gen. Daniel E. Sickle’s “Excelsior Brigade” and among the first to be driven back from the Peach Orchard line July 2, 1863, by Confederate Gen. James Longstreet.

94th NYV (Erie, Jefferson and Monroe counties)

411 men: Twelve killed, 58 wounded, 175 missing (59.6 percent loss)

• Overrun July 1, 1863, on Oak Ridge; they and the 154th NYV were the regiments with the highest number of prisoners taken during the battle.

104th NYV (Livingston County)

286 men: Eleven killed, 91 wounded, 92 missing (67.8 percent loss).

• Helped lengthen the “Blue Line” at Little Round Top; also were overwhelmed at Oak Ridge.

108th NYV (Monroe County)

200 men: Sixteen killed, 86 wounded (51 percent loss).

136th NYV (Livingston County)

482 men: Seventeen killed, 89 wounded, three missing (22.6 percent loss)

140th NYV (Monroe County)

447 men: Twenty-six killed, 89 wounded, 18 missing (29.8 percent loss).

• A key unit that defended Little Round Top.

154th NYV (Cattaraugus and Chautauqua counties)

239 men: One killed, 21 wounded, 178 missing (83.7 percent loss).

• Overrun at Kuhn’s brickyard; highest loss rate of any unit in the battle; three-quarters of its soldiers were taken captive.

Sources: Buffalo Civil War Roundtable, “Regimental Strengths & Losses at Gettysburg,” by John W. Busey and David G. Martin.