Cuomo following through on his promises to WNY

I was surprised to see the headline “Cuomo had a tough legislative session” appearing, of all places, in a paper here in Buffalo. The News seems to have missed the point that this governor, for the first time in the 30-plus years I have lived here, has made upstate and Buffalo his never-ending priority.

This legislative session saw the governor broker a deal with the Seneca Nation that will restore hundreds of millions of dollars to Western New York, established a Financial Restructuring Board to help localities struggling with tight budgets and, most importantly, was able to pass START UP NY, giving our colleges and universities extraordinary tools to become magnets for entrepreneurship, something that is sorely lacking here.

Whether you are talking about the Buffalo Bills, the Buffalo Billion or the continued funding for Regional Economic Development Councils, we have a governor who is simply unwilling to watch the upstate and Western New York economy flounder as it had for half a century. Maybe it was a tough legislative session for special interests or for the status quo, but we were winners once again. After watching endless governors give lip service to Western New York, it’s refreshing and reinvigorating for our region to finally have the real deal.

Howard Zemsky